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Smoking is cool

Dynamite is cooler

Gokudera Hayato
9 September
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Character info
Name: Gokudera Hayato
Age: 16
Room: 2, with melonlordpwns
Speed: 3
Might: 2
Sanity: 4
Knowledge: 7

Gokudera is a sixteen year old explosives expert--he keeps various explosives hidden all over his body and ignites them using cigarettes (he is essentially a chain smoker). He is also a skilled pianist, and is considered to be of genius level intelligence, so he excels academically. He is hot-headed and short-tempered, and continually gets into fights. He hates to lose and almost never backs down unless he has no choice. Also of note, he's very interested in cryptids and aliens, but is superstitious and apparently very scared of ghosts.

Gokudera was the illegitimate son of an Italian mafia boss. During his childhood, his father allowed his older sister, Bianchi, to test her poisoned cooking skills (yes, in Reborn-canon this is a legitimate fighting method) on him. As a result, he can't even see his sister without becoming physically ill and it's likely that this caused a general distrust in and dislike of his father and older sister. He ran away from home at age eight when he overheard that his mother's death had been caused be some of his father's men (although he later finds out this wasn't true and that his mother's death was an accident). At that point he decided to join the mafia and wandered around Italy for several years trying to find a mafia family to join, but due to the fact that he is part Japanese and has a bad attitude, he was never accepted. Because of this lack of acceptance and the way his faith in his family was shattered, as a rule he doesn't trust anyone older than himself.

When he was fourteen, he came to Japan to test the strength of the tenth generation Vongola family boss, Sawada Tsunayoshi. When Tsuna ends up saving his life during their fight, Gokudera devotes himself entirely to Tsuna and decides to become his right hand man. However, for quite awhile, he doesn't get along with any of Tsuna's other friends (who are also the other members of Tsuna's family and become Tsuna's six guardians after the Varia arc). He especially clashes with Yamamoto Takeshi; he disapproves of Yamamoto's easy going attitude and how familiar he is with Tsuna, and it's very possible that he's jealous of the attention Tsuna gives Yamamoto. During the beginning of the series, in fact, Tsuna often invites Yamamoto to do something and it's Yamamoto who either invites or drags Gokudera along--Gokudera actually kind of annoys Tsuna with his devotion and scares him with how impulsively and violently he responds to perceived threats on or slights to Tsuna.

There are several times during the series, however, when Gokudera's insecurities show. He worries that he's not good enough for his (self-assigned) position as Tsuna's right hand man, and on a couple of occassions almost decides to go back to Italy and serve the Vongola family in some other way. On both occassions he changes his mind and decides to just work harder and improve, which is a common trend for him: he comes right to the brink of giving up and then manages to rise to the occassion and prove himself, generally in a rather badass way.

On the topic of insecurity, though, it could be surmised that one of the reasons Gokudera doesn't get along well with the other guardians is because he resents them. Of all the guardians, he probably works the hardest for the least amount of progress. He's good at what he does only because he painstakingly researches and then practically kills himself experimenting and practicing (literally--he almost manages to kill himself training on at least one occassion). All of the other guardians improve in leaps and bounds, and are naturals at what they do.

(Of course, in terms of why he doesn't get along with the other guardians, there's also the fact that Gokudera takes the mafia and being a guardian more seriously than the others, at least in the beginning. Yamamoto thinks it's all a game, Hibari doesn't care, Ryohei has the attention span and recall of a goldfish, Lambo's an obnoxious five-year-old, and Chrome may or may not be their enemy.)

Gokudera's impulsivity and violent tendencies in the beginning of the manga probably come from the fact that he has something to prove and this results in an over compensation for the fact that most of his real strengths are analytical and cerebral rather than physical. He succeeds most often when he is able to research and analyze problems, though, exerting the least amount of force and effort needed to win. This is increasingly apparent in his fighting style throughout the series, as he becomes more secure in his place within the family and among the other Vongola guardians.

Gokudera ends up taking part in almost all of the hijinks surrounding Tsuna. As they began to face more serious enemies, he begins to play an important role within the group and is able to develop his fighting skills to adapt to various situations. He plays a vital role in the fights against Rokudo Mukuro and the Varia. During the fight against Mukuro, Gokudera was possessed by their enemy and used to fight against Tsuna, who luckily was able to disable him without hurting him and win the fight. Against the Varia, Gokudera was set to fight Belphegor for custody of the Vongola Storm ring. During this battle, Gokudera is clearly the underdog, but is able to use his analytical abilities to trick Bel and win the fight. However, at the last minute, Bel grabs the ring and the two fight over it while the school explodes around them. Gokudera doesn't want to retreat despite the danger because he feels like he'd be letting Tsuna down if he did. Tsuna still orders him to run, and at the last minute he does, realizing that a victory would be pointless if he didn't survive it.

It's after the ring battles have been safely won, before he and his friends are sent to the future, that he ends up at the house. He finds it while walking around Namimori, and enters, both curious about this building he's never seen and wary of it in case it poses a threat to the family.

Played by mouthofbrass for betrayedbyrpg.